May 04, 2015

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Dolphin Web Designs

Welcome to Dolphin Web Designs.  DWD offers simple and affordable, but effective website design for bands/musicians, animal breeders (mostly dog breeders), small businesses and organizations, as well as affordable website submission.

You've come here to either see my work or ask for my services ... or both!  Have a look around.  You'll see my past banner and website design work, as well as other services I provide.  Below you'll see some of my clients' comments about the work I've done for them.

My philosophy is this: simple is always better.  A simple, but yet, effective and easy-to-navigate design will go far on the web.  You can have the hottest website out there, but if your visitors cannot navigate through the site easily then they will go somewhere else.  All my clients have simple design and easy navigation as the staple of their website and it has been a success for each of them.  Visitors have made comments about how easy the navigation was and that they found what they were looking for in any of the websites I've designed.

How did I get involved in web design and promotion you ask?  Well, it's as simple as my designs, it fell into my lap.  I have been around computers for as long as I can remember.  I was building computers with my father at the age of nine.  I dabbled in networking computers at fifteen, but wasn't real interested in networking.  Then, I started surfing the Internet, and became interested in web design.

I was designing a website for a family member and my very first client saw the website I did and she liked my work and asked me to do hers.  My second client found a personal site of mine and asked me to do one for his band.  For me, getting into website promotion was easy as well, an NYC band (who already had a website) asked me to promote it for them on the web.  The two jobs melded together with banner design and website/search engine positioning and it went from there.

After a year or so, I acquired my third client from the first client's recommendation and the fourth found me through, surprisingly a family recommendation.

I own and use the necessary graphics and other programs that are needed to make banners and websites.  I love my job and would not want to change it for the world.

What sets me apart from everyone else?  Read my current clients' comments about the work I've done for them below!  If you have any questions, please e-mail me.


Clients comments:
"I have been working with this consultant for well over two years.  She designed my web page and then made extensive changes for the new year for me.  I constantly ask for updates and she is very responsive and professional in how she deals with it.  She also monitors the site for me which delights me to no end as my days do not have enough hours.  I highly recommend this consultant to assist you with your web site."  -- Cottage Hill Kennel

"Please do quote me with any of the comments regarding your work, which is top notch!!" -- Runamuck Kennels

"Thank you for your dedication to all this (work), I really thank you." -- Runamuck Kennels

"I love everything you have done above and beyond the call of duty!" -- Runamuck Kennels

"We love our web site you made." -- Runamuck Kennels

"We are really pleased with the work Tami has done on our site.  She followed our brief, working with us on the design, putting our vision into practice as well as coming up with her own ideas.  She built the site very quickly and she has also made any changes we have needed immediately.  She has been able to work flexibly and has been really tolerant of us constantly changing our minds!" -- Chris Constantino, JackieOnAssid

"Tami has been very helpful with my website.  She figured out what I wanted and did everything I asked.  If there is ever a problem she takes the time to find out what it is and fixes it.  She keeps me up to date on the website every week and if I ever need to make a change she is right there and it's done.  She has even helped me out with other aspects of my business when I was extremely busy.  It can't get better than that." -- Tracy Kaylor, Trace's of Bubbles

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