May 04, 2015

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You Get:

Free or Monetary Donation / Banner Design DolphinOne 468 x 60 banner and one 100 x 35 micro-button for your website.  All I ask is that you put a graphic or text link to my website on your page.  ONLY ONE banner and micro-button will be done for free.
$300.00 a year / Website Design and Maintenance DolphinStarting your website for you and putting it on the web (If you don't have a .com address then I prefer using a free web space provider.)

DolphinMaintaining it myself, with you telling me what you want on it. (setting it up and updates)

DolphinPromoting your website for you.  (Your site is submitted to over 800 search engines in 3 days time.)

DolphinSearch Engine Optimization

DolphinYou will only have a text link back to this site, saying your site was designed by me.

DolphinIf you want a .com, then normally the same place you buy your URL from will sell you web space at a decent price. is a great place.

$12.50 / Search Engine Optimization DolphinSearch Engine Optimization.  Your site needs 250 keywords and phrases.  I charge $2.00 a word.

DolphinI check the compatibility of your site with any screen size.

DolphinAdd meta tags to the html coding of your site.

DolphinI check for easy-to-use and compatibility of the design of your site.

DolphinI check to make sure your site is search engine ready.

$10.00 a day / Website Submission DolphinSubmitting your website to 800 search engines.  (It takes me 3 days to do all 800 search engines.)  NOTE:   If you e-mail me just asking to pay for submitting your site to the search engines and I am not maintaining your site on a regular basis, all search engine responses will be directed to YOUR e-mail address.
For examples of my banner design work refer to Examples.
For examples of my web design work refer to Websites That I've Worked On.
I accept PayPal, money order, and/or cash.  If you are serious about starting a website and/or using any of my other services, then E-Mail me to talk about your website and for where to send the online payment/check/cash.  I will only deal with people/businesses who are HONEST and serious about creating a website.


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