May 04, 2015

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Website Optimization

Optimizing your website is the most important step you'll take in winning the search engine wars.  Using the right techniques you can get massive exposure by getting high listings on popular search engines and directories, and all it takes is some simple page modifications and a little bit of effort.

Despite the importance of making these page modifications, most webmasters don't know how to modify their pages to get better listings.  There are a number of factors that determine how your site will rank on search engines and directories, and it's important to know them all if you want to maximize your exposure.

Dolphin Web Designs will:

  • Test out your site in various screen sizes.  You want to be sure your visitor can see everything or at least important navigation links.
  • Put the appropriate meta tags into your HTML coding.  If the search engine spiders are not including the information you want about your site you probably want to consider adding description and keyword meta tags to your site.
  • Check the compatibility of your site design.  There are important things to consider when designing your site.  You want to make your site easy to use as well as compatible.
  • Make sure your site is compatible with any browser.
  • Check the validity and compatibility of your HTML.  This is an important part to your browser compatibility check because most browsers will display poorly formed HTML, however error handling is where the biggest browser differences are.
  • Make sure your site is offering valid and current information and eliminate dead links and update links that have moved.

If you are interested in using my promotion services for an existing website, please e-mail me.   See My Prices for Search Engine Optimization costs.


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