May 04, 2015

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Website Promotion

There are many ways in which to promote your website, each of which can be used on its own or in conjunction with other promotional efforts.  All the ways should be utilized to get maximum exposure for your website.

Here are just some of the methods available to you to promote your website:

Search Engine Listings:
Search engine listings are perhaps the most important resources available to website owners trying to get traffic with a small or non-existent budget.  By understanding how search engines determine where you should rank and using that information to "optimize" your website, highly targeted traffic is easy to get.
Search Directory Listings:
Search directories are capable of bringing in just as much, if not more traffic than search engines, but the procedure for getting listed is a little different.  A single link from Yahoo! alone is capable of bringing in thousands of visitors a day, but to ensure you'll get listed you'll have to follow certain guidelines.
Newsgroups are an often overlooked but very effective method for generating traffic although one of the more difficult resources to utilize.  There's a propoer way to get traffic from newsgroups without "spamming".
E-Mail has gotten a bad reputation in the promotion scene as "spammers" continue to promote their ventures by sending unsolicited messages to people that don't want their "junk mail".  However, when used properly, e-mail is actually a very effective way to not only generate new traffic, but keep visitors coming back.
Yellow Pages:
There are hundreds of business only directories that can be utilized by those offering products and/or services from their site to get potential costumers coming in.
FFA Sites:
"Free For All" sites aren't very effective at bringing direct traffic to your site, but still serve an important purpose as search engines continue to use "link popularity" as ranking criteria.
Awards Sites:
While the majority of "awards sites" usually have a self-serving agenda, there are certain awards sites that can bring quick traffic to your website.
Reciprocal Links:
New research shows that reciprocal links are actually responsible for generating more traffic than search engines.  It's possible to "swap" links with other site owners to generate lots of quality traffic.
Banner Ads:
Banner advertising comes in many forms, from free banner exchanges to paid advertising to exchanging banners as reciprocal links.

If you are interested in using my promotion services for an existing website, please e-mail me.

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