May 04, 2015

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Website Submission

I will submit your website to 800 search engine.  (It takes me three days to do all 800 search engines).

For clients that I am currently maintaining their site on a regular basis, the fee is included in the web design price.  For clients that just want me to submit their existing website (that I am not maintaining on a regular basis) to search engines, there will be a minimal fee.  See My Prices for costs.

Note:  If you e-mail me asking to pay for submitting your existing website to search engines and I am not maintaining your website on a regular basis, all search engine responses will be directed to YOUR e-mail address.

Below are just some of the search engines and directories I submit your site to, plus many more!!!

Claymont Jayde SplatSearch
Frequent Finders 2KCity TryAmerica
ScrubTheWeb DinoSearch FindInfo
Ah-Ha Surf Gopher TrueSearch
AllTheWeb ExactSeek InfoSpace
WebSquash EntireWeb MyGlobalWebsite
REX Open Directory Project Subjex
SearchIt LookSeek AltaVista
Lycos Yahoo! Web Pages Hotbot (US and UK)
AOL iWon Search
metacrawler DogPile Mamma
C4 Canada ixquick
Infogrid query Server WebInfoSearch
800go Debriefing Highway 61
37 OneSeek metaSpider
Vivisimo PlanetSearch Surfwax
qb Search Profusion Proteus
Go 2 Net megaGo WebFile
myGo megacrawler  

If you are interested in using my promotion services for an existing website, please e-mail me.

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